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         Since 2007, the company has been focusing on zirconia research and development. In 2008, it has mass-produced dental zirconia materials and put them into the market. At present, the company's products are sold all over the world and are recognized by domestic and foreign denture manufacture organizations.
        The company currently has more than 200 outstanding employees, of which 40% are undergraduate and above. 10 major functional departments, including R&D department, finance department, marketing department, production department, administration department, planning department, domestic sales department, human resources department, quality system department and international sales department. R&D personnel account for 10%.
        The company's production park covers an area of 14,000 square meters. The modern administrative buildings cover an area of more than 2,000 square meters. There are two production workshops, one of which has been completed and used. In addition, there are more than 2,000 square meters of warehouse to ensure sufficient inventory. In 2016, the company successfully built a 400-square-meter intelligent digital experience center and an advanced training center.
        Since its inception, the company has achieved remarkable results in the field of dental materials. In 2011, the company successfully developed the Aidite SHT series of ultra-transparent ceramic blocks. In 2013, it successfully launched the COLOR series of 16-color super-transparent color ceramic blocks. In 2014, the company made heavy efforts to create the “Multilayer” series of gradient color zirconia restoration materials. 26 colors liquid, 16 colors block. In 2015, the company launched the “Multilayer AT” anterior teeth special gradient color zirconia restoration material to solve two big problems - zirconia aesthetic restoration transparency and coloring.In 2016, the company created a complete set of personalized restoration solutions - “Honor” series, a special zirconia restoration materials - “Saici” series, an immediate restoration system - Cameo Chairside System, and Cameo Glass-ceramics to meet customers' needs of digitization and personalization.
        At the same time, we also provide the world's advanced digital-dental solutions. We focus on the quality of materials, processing convenience, intelligent solutions and quality service.
        Our products meet international standards, and our products have obtained CFDA, FDA, CE, ISO-13485, TFDA, KFDA and other certifications.
        The company has a high reputation in the domestic dental and medical industry, and it is in a leading position of domestic market. The company has been far ahead in current domestic market share, and it has also achieved outstanding results in the world dental medical field. The company's products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. More than 90 countries.
        In 2011, the company’s sales revenue was 80.476 million RMB. Its sales doubled year by year. VAT was 5,608,500 RMA, and income tax was 7,380,100 RMA. The corporate purpose of creating benefits for the society.
        Customers: Making a good after-sales service is more important than the flattery before sales. Turning the first purchaser into a long-term fixed customer is our important mission. We treat the customer's opinion as a valuable issue and accept it with pleasure. Don't worry about the shortage of funds, you should consider the lack of credit. Regardless of big or small orders, we give the same attention, the same service, encounters the return, first considers the loss caused to the customer, and coexists with the customer and the supplier.
        So giving customers a good product, high quality products is more important than anything else. Selling a product is like marrying a daughter. Educates and dresses up her at home, then her husband will feel happy for life. It hasn't finished, we, as the parent, have to visit the couple often and help them solve the problem in time. Quality is the life. Without quality or lack of quality management, the enterprise is going to die. Employees and business owners understand this truth. But who really thinks of quality as the life of a company? Being lazy and negligent will bring huge losses to the company. I said that we are effectively combining the existing limits, artificial limits and technical limits to give full play to our advantages and produce high quality products. We must be rigorous and meticulous. A good product is composed of numerous processes and countless details.
        For the customer we have to say that we never promise to others easily, but once we promise, we must make it true. If we promise others yesterday, we have to do it today, although it is very hard. We have to pay for this mistake and accept a lesson from the mistake. If a person often make or say wrong things, he has a problem, and his brain needs to be thoroughly washed. Sincerely welcome customers, don't have to say good words, but every word must be sentimental. It is as the company's leadership, employees, to maintain a sense of integrity, sincere treatment of everyone, then the company can be equal, regardless of managers or employees. The only difference is that managers can stand up in the face of difficulties and sufferings, charge in front, sweat more, and take the lead.
        For employees, integrity, compliance with the company's system, and adjustment of mentality are important. Going to the workshop to work, we take out the attitude of the workshop. Like the employees, we are even more meticulous and careful. We are not afraid of being dirty and tired. We use our actual actions to infect everyone. It takes a lot of hard work to do the work, otherwise it will not work, and fairness runs through the employees. There are many different types of work and it is impossible for everyone to do the same work. Some may be tired, some are lighter, but we should think that this is all for the company, doing things for ourselves, no matter how hard and tired. We feel tired, but we should also feel that the leader has given me such a very important job, so we must insist on doing it well; We feel relax, but we should also feel that we are doing easy works, so we must not make mistakes, otherwise everyone will be sorry for that.
        We are all young people, and the judgment of things are pretty close. What is good and what is bad can be distinguished. Working diligently is always right, and the purpose of diligence is the goals of both the employees and the company. For achieving it, it's far, but touchable. Three years is not too long, we are going back to look at ourselves three years ago, then think about it three years later, we sum up what we did. As the saying goes, "owning a sharp sword only after ten years", but some ones didn't do it even after twenty years. Since everyone has chosen the company, I will grind a sword tip three years later. This requires our diligence, hard work. Never say making anything big, because a person who keeps a foothold in the company and has some achievement are all inseparable from the experience of hard work.
        It is not difficult for a person to do something, neither to be integrity and hard work. The difficuly is several decades of honesty and diligence. Perhaps, you did make much money in Aidite initially, just hold on, the dream will come true.
        Setting a lofty goal is a prequisite for success and then a steady pace to move forward step by step is the only way. Hold on each step and do not look back, the pace of progress is amazing.
        You have the right to live a vibtant day or a sleepy day. Life is a battle. A strong heart can overcome discomfort and bad habits.
        We encourage innovation in every aspect of our work and learn to use our brains. Innovation is the life source of an enterprise. Only being sensitive to market demand, then we can make a rapid response. Innovation leads R&D: Modern production line does not mean that laborers do not need innovation, and innovation in production can ensure greater productivity and optimal product quality. Sales need innovation: Through combined with market conditions, we can be flexible to give customers the best product solutions to maximize customer benefits. Management innovation is also important: Enterprise managers are the leader of the enterprise, while the company is developing rapidly, the team is growing, the mode of company management should be changed in a timely manner, and the management of the enterprise should provide guarantee for the improvement of employees, product development and production, and technical support.

After-sales service

●Commissioning and inspection Commission and test new equipment to ensure they can work properly, and make good performances. ●Installation training Install new equipment for customers, train customers to use equipment correctly, and ensure that customers can independently perform standardized operations to avoid and solve common problems. ●Repair and maintenance Solve problems in the use of equipment, repair faulty equipment, and customize maintenance plans to maintain the equipment in the form of video tutorials or on-site maintenance. ●Technical processing Senior after-sales engineers will process the products for customers with special needs. The Aidite Service Center is committed to building an excellent dental equipment team service system, providing customers with quality after-sales service, and establishing a complete set of service guarantees from commissioning inspection, installation training to after-sales service, so that customers can cooperate with Aidite without any worries.

Technical Supports

●Provide technical training The instruction of ceramic blocks, coloring, staining, sintering (sintering parameters, sintering precautions, furnace cleaning method), making long bridges, etc. ●Solve customers' problems Scanning, designing, milling, separation of restorations and cleaning, coloring, drying, sintering, grinding, staining, etc. The Aidite Technical Service Center is committed to building an excellent technical service team and provide customers with a complete set of solutions for zirconia production, providing technical presentations and answering customers' daily questions.

Customer service

●Customer consultation Provide customers with pre-sales advice on company introductions, company products and services. ●Complaint acceptance Quick response, quick feedback, 30 minutes of acceptance, time limit control. ●Outgoing service Outgoing services include customer visits, satisfaction surveys, and customer needs surveys. Adity Customer Service Center is committed to establishing a fast and efficient customer service system. Through the "five-in-one" service platform such as telephone customer service, WeChat customer service, Aliwangwang customer service, enterprise email, qq customer service, etc.. We provide customers with product consultation, complaint acceptance, emergency services, and such diversified services. the customer service center is also responsible for customer visits, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.. We also need to know customer needs, product requirements, and service quality.